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Isles Community Emergency Response Team Disaster Plan

Isles HOA Homeowner Disaster Plan
Black & White Copies—$ .10 per page
Per Fax Page Received— $.10 per page
Per Fax Sent (Up to 10 pgs) - $1.00
(Not included international)

All residents can now sign up for the tennis courts without having to go through the property managers office. Tennis Sign-up sheets are located on the bulletin board near the tennis/bocce courts.

When leaving for the "Season" make arrangements with someone to put up your hurricane shutters.
-When making arrangements for the hurricane shutters, leave your contact person the keys/garage door opener to the home and the code for your security alarm for access to retrieve the shutters.

Dumping your trash in the common area trash receptacles will be subject to a fine. All homeowners trash should be placed in their own trash receptacles and placed outside of their home for regular trash pick-up. No jumping on the pool furniture by children. The fabric can be torn easily.

Let the Isles Property Management Office know of your current mailing address when you are back in town or leaving. This is for any announcements/mailings that you may receive to stay up to date. Call (941) 927-6464 Ext. 121

Please observe the speed limit throughout the community and all stop signs. Police Patrols are on duty and issuing citations to violators.

Be Safe Not Sorry!!!

 Parents may not leave their children unsupervised in the clubhouse or any other recreational areas. The Clubhouse Kitchen is accessible to all Isles Residents weekdays till 5 PM as a convenience and amenity. However, when using these areas please wash any dishes you may use, throw away all trash in appropriate receptacles and only use food items that you have brought or are part of a community sponsored event.

Please respect our beautiful facilities. Absolutely NO BIKES, SKATES, SCOOTERS OR SKATEBOARDS INSIDE THE BOCCE COURTS. These courts are only meant for playing bocce ball. Residents may check out bocce ball sets from the sports locker located in the Fitness Center. Please remember that repairs to our courts are done at the cost of ALL HOMEOWNERS. If you witness someone vandalizing any of our recreational facilities please ask them to stop and notify management immediately.

Click here for Rules of Bocce

You must be 16 years or older to work out in the gym without an adult. Any child under that age MUST be accompanied by an adult otherwise you will be asked to leave. The equipment is not for young children to play on as they can be easily injured. Please be respectful of other users.

Items may be posted on the Bulletin Boards in the Post Office, after Management has approved all items that are posted. Should you have a question regarding any of the items, please contact William Crosley at 922-1298 or Roz Jennings at 922-1892. Thank you!! Bulletin Boards will be cleaned off each month.

We have a supply of reading material in the Town Center, numerous paperbacks, hardbacks. . Stop by and borrow some!!!

Please use trash can receptacles when setting out your trash curbside for pick up. Only using trash bags, (which are not permitted to be used unless they are secured in a self locking container) looks unsightly but also allows animals to get into trash and make a mess with trash strewn all over the sidewalk and roadways. Your consideration is appreciated in this matter.

Feeding the wildlife such as sand hill cranes and alligators is ILLEGAL. Also, feeding wild animals gives them food that is not nutritious for their dietary needs, but also makes animals associate humans with food which can be dangerous and results in nuisance behaviors. Violators will be prosecuted.

Please direct any concerns or questions in regard to your landscaping in WRITING to the Property Manager's Office, a form is available online and in the post office where you will also find a drop box. Please report if you have found any dead plants on your property.

Reminder--You can check out tennis racquets and basketballs at the Isles Property Managers office, Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm.

Pickle ball racquets, portable nets, Bocce sets, and folding chairs are available to check out in the sports locker located at the entrance of the Fitness Center. Please return all equipment daily.

Click here for rules of Pickle Ball

If you haven't filled one out or need to update your current information, pick-up a form at the "activities desk" to pick-up or drop off.
In accordance with Senate Bill 1196, enacted into Florida Law, we are required to get your permission to list your personal contact information in the Isles Directory. We can legally list only your name and address without permission. If you wish to have your telephone number, email address , please complete the waiver form that you may pick up in the Clubhouse at the Activities Desk. Your verbal response will not allow us to print the information. Return the completed form to the Isles Property Management office.RESIDENT NAME BADGES
Please complete the form which is available in the Town Center so that we may order your permanent resident name badge. Cost per name badge $6.00 and comes with a magnetic clip or pin on the back. Please include your payment in the form of a check made payable to Crown Trophies when you return your form to the Isles Management office. NOTE: Residents with pacemakers must order the pin type back.

Sunshine Committee-Helping Hands

The committee is available as a "Stop Gap Measure" for the first day of need, a helping hand to provide you with assistance you may need in any of the following areas,

-Pick up medicine; Provide a meal; Do an errand such as grocery shop for immediate needs and visit with you.   This allows you to make the necessary arrangements for on going help.  A list of "Senior Resources" available in the area is available in the Town Center.  This list is purely informational and not a recommendation by the Isles HOA.  In an emergency contact 911.  Should you require help from the Sunshine Committee please contact Rosalyn Jennings, Activities Director and she will notify the committee chairperson. or 941-922-1892.       





Isles of Sarasota H.O.A.
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Property Manager                                            Joshua Jones                                                    Email:                      Phone: 941-922-1298

Assistant Property Manager                            Rosalyn Jennings                                              Email:                            Phone: 0941-922-1892 

Activities Director                                            Olga Barrios                                                    Email:                        Phone: 941-922-1892

Office Hours:                                            Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.              After Hours/Weekend: 941-951-4043                                                                             Activities Director Hours: 
Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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