Adult AED
Two Automated External Defibrillators are on the Isles property, one is installed in the men’s restroom at the Tennis Courts. The other is installed in the Town Center (Main Room)

ADT Number

(Formerly Brinks/Broadview Security) New number for resident connection and customer care: Centralized Scheduling: 1-800-807-0430; Customer Care: 1-800-445-0872.

Architectural Change Requests

All applications submitted will be reviewed by the ACC board within forty-five (45) days and you will be contacted with the decision. 

If you have an interest or concerns about obtaining Comcast internet, please contact Patricia McDonald, Community Sales Executive. She can be reached at 941-685-5047 or by email at
Make sure you let her know that you are part of the “Isles Bulk Agreement”.


Mail Boxes

Please make sure you retrieve your mail in a timely manner. Mail will be returned to the post office for boxes that are full or not emptied within 7 days.


Isles residents are allowed to fish in any of the Iakes on the Isles property. We ask that you be courteous and observe your neighbors property and fish only from the common areas. No Trespassing signs have been posted in several areas around the lakes and police should be contacted in case you suspect someone is in an area and is not a homeowner. Owners are allowed to fish from the common areas by the recreational area and clubhouse but not in common areas abutting individual lots. The Isles HOA management will address an owner if they are accessing another owner’s rear yard for fishing purposes and ask them to cease and desist immediately.

Disposal of Fire Extinguishers
Household Chemical Collection Center is open Wednesday—Saturday, hours 8am-4pm. 8750 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. They may be reached at 861-5000.

Isles After Hours Number

After hours or weekends the emergency number for the common areas (only) is:


An answering service will notify appropriate management.

New DIVOSTA Customer Service Program To Homeowners

A new “Centralized Customer Service Department” for Divosta Customer Relations has been established with a toll free number. This new number will provide consistency as well as simplify the process of where to call when a homeowner may have a question or concern with their home. Normal office hours will be Monday-Friday- 8:00am—5:00pm with live after hour assistance for emergency issues. Please do NOT call your customer service representative locally at their office or cell phone. All concerns will be handled more quickly by calling the number below.


Safety Reminder

Be aware of your surroundings!! A reminder to all homeowners to make use of your alarms and locks!

Work Orders
“Landscape Work Orders” must be filled out for all landscaping requests. The forms are located in the post office or on Roz’s desk. Drop box is available in the post office. All other requests pertaining to the residence itself can be directed to your customer service manager.

Be A Part Of The Isles

Isles License Plates Available $10 each

Isles DVD ‘s “Catch The Spirit of The Isles Style” $10 each
(Proceeds of the above support CERT)

Polo Shirts “The Isles On Palmer Ranch”
Approx Cost $25
You can purchase any of these items through the HOA office.

Flood Insurance:It is recommended that you check with your agent for appropriate coverage in case of rising water that is not wind driven. Often a rider for flood waters can be purchased at a very inexpensive rate and provides a great deal of additional coverage in case of flooding. Also, please check for sewer and back up coverage on your homeowners insurance policy.

Isles of Sarasota H.O.A.
5901 Benevento Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34238
Our Town Center office hours are:
Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: (941) 922-1298
After hours: (941) 951-4034

Isles of Sarasota
is managed by:
Argus Property Management
2477 Stickney Point Road
Suite 118A
Sarasota, Florida 34231
(941) 927-6464